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Who We Are?

yachts dubrovnik

Our Mission

We believe in customer service and satisfaction, thus we are determined to continue in such a manner to meet the most demanding standards and quality. Our intention is to provide as many information as possible according to your needs and expectations and plan your vacation in the best possible way.

Dubrovnik Boat Rental Best Price

Extraordinary Experiences

Our aim is to provide a relaxed and easy-going holiday for you, where you will feel like at home while onboard on our yachts!

Our success has been lasting because our services have always been guided professionally and with a sense of responsibility to our customers.

Why us?

We are small agency, family run. We have been many years in tourism sector, hospitality and private accommodation sector. Since we are passionate sea lovers,  we bought a boat to enjoy in our free time. Once we took our guests on the trip and when they said they had a best day of the life, we were determined that we want to pass this experience to all further guests. It was a “push” and now our life!


Yachts Dubrovnik

We have been in yacht industry for a long time, experienced team working together for last 10 years. Why us? Becuase we have:

What You Get

When you charter our boat or yachts, you will get free of charge:


We have ready itineraries for you, but if you have some suggestions or special requests, we will do our best to arrange it. All of our tours are private, thus we can tailor it upon your wishes.