Explore the rich gastronomy of the island Korcula

It is widely accepted that Mediterannean cuisine is very beneficial to health and longevity, and is amongst healthiest cuisines in the entire world. Fish and other seafood oil, organically grown vegetables and fruits, wine - all this you can find in abundance and variety throughout the island of Korcula. Like most of modern tourst destination, the island of Korcula is fool of small fast food venues, that offer pizzas, sandwiches and similar foodstuff. But, the island of Korcula also offers more and more slow food traditional restaurants and taverns, and slowly the island of Korcula is becoming one of the most recognisable islands in relation to local gastronomy on the Croatian Adriatic, which brings increasing number of gastro-tourists every year to the island Korcula. Korcula is also renowned for its wines, especially the region of Lumbarda, where he famous white wine "Grk" is grown and the region of Smokvica and Cara, in the interior of the island which offer also white wines "Posip" and "Rukatac". It is interesting to note that Korcula is renowned for white wines, even though Dalmatia is best known for red wines, mainly "Plavac Mali". Here you can find some additional information about the gastronomy of the island of Korc

Get to know the archipelago of Korcula

Experiencing the island of Korcula from the sea is a completely different experience. From the sea, dense forests of black Aleppo pine and cypress trees of this mountainous island open up to show its hidden coves, beaches, towns and villages like precious pearls. Surrounded by fascinating archipelago of small islands and islets, this part of Croatian coast is probably the most inviting for hobby seafarers, sailors and explorers. From the waters of Lumbarda, where there are "Skoji" islands, a group of 20 islets, across "Badija", "Vrnik" and "Stupe" just in front of the town of Korcula, and all the way to Vela Luka and it's islands "Proizd", "Osjak", "Prznjak" and "Trstenik" one can spend an entire holiday just exploring these small, beautiful, untouched islands and islets. And if you add to that visit to nearby islands of Prznjak and Trstenik one can spend an entire holiday just exploring these small, beautiful, untouched islands and islets. And if you add to that visit to nearby islands of Mljet, Hvar, peninsula Peljesac and the archipelago of Lastovo island, one can truly say that the island of Korcula is the place for renting a boat, either a small motor boat, a sailing boat or a speed boat.


Visit best beaches and enjoy the nature of the island Korcula

The best beaches in this green and rocky island hide in the south and lay bare the secret of its waters: Dalmatian stone background reflects sunlight so hard that sea becomes miraculously atoll-like with emerald and turquoise shades. Since island Korcula is rather rocky island, especially the south coast, there are not as many beaches as in some other regions of Dalmatia. There is a reasonable number of very beautiful beaches, and we think that this is better option, since large number of beaches attracts too many mass-tourists, which does not allow quality tourism to develop. Long streams of beaches are also monotonous from the view point of marine life, since fish and other sea life prefers rocky shores to develop. The are on the island of Korcula with best beaches is definitely the area of Lumbarda, where there are several pebble and sandy beaches. On the south side of the island one can find beautiful coves with pebble beaches, and on the north side of the island there are several sandy beaches. The are around Vela Luka on the western tip of the Korcula island is also abundant with nice beaches.