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Elaphite islands


Elaphite islands

One of the most popular South Dalmatia charter destination are the Elaphites islands or Deer islands. The name came from  Greek word which means deer because a lot of deer lived on the islands. 

The largest of the Elaphites are Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep and they are the only inhabited islands in the group. The islands were a favourite holiday spot for the patricians and aristocracy of old Dubrovnik.  In the past sailors often brought various plant species home from their journeys. Tropical fruit orchards, nested inside pine, cypress and palm groves, colour the landscape of the Elaphiti archipelago, and make it particularly attractive.

You should visit the summer villa Dordic-Mayne, the Rector’s Palace, Franciscan monastery and a deserted Dominican monastery. If you like to dive make shore to visit a diving attraction of the Elaphiti islands, a submerged wall covered with algae and coral, on the hermit island Saint Andrew. Also visit the Sunj beach. This is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Adriatic. The beach is popular because of shallow water which extends about 100m from the shore. Elaphiti islands will trill you with their slow lifestyle, from which all noise and stress have been rooted out.

Elaphite Islands


First island is Kolocep island, or as we locals call it ‘Kalamota’. It is the closest island to Dubrovnik, so we recommend firstly to stop here to explore it. Island is actually split into two populated areas known as “Gornje Celo” and “Donje Celo”. Even though they are “split” in the same way they are connected by hiking paths with stunning views of the Adriatic sea and the surrounding islands and nearby coast. Most popular atrtraction is “Blue Cave”. There is also nice restaurant in Donje Celo “Villa Ruza.

Elaphite Islands


Lopud is second island on our trip. Our guests call it the ‘island in the middle’ since it located in between Kolocope and Sipan. It’s known for Sunj, a beautiful large sandy beach, as well as for several cultural landmarks such as the Francascian monastery.Also there are great small family owned restaurnats that we recommend. It is really an experience to arrive to the restaurant by boat, leave the boat and enter the restaurant just from the boat. Pure luxury!

Elaphite Islands


Sipan is the largest and third island on our list from Dubrovnik. It has two beaitufl villages – Sudurad and Sipanska Luka. Also it has amazing restaurant “Bowa”, very popular and luxury. If you wish to go and have lunch there it is necessary to preebook in advance at least a day before.



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